Friday, 10 July 2015

DU Encounters #Day2

Early morning,across the road outside the college, jam packed with vehicles parked in every nook and corner possible,I made my way to become a part of the 1km long line of admission seekers while my dad hunted for  a place amidst the chaos to park the car.It was 8 am and by 8.10 am,I was once again inside the campus while my dad stood outside the putrefied iron gate alongwith other parents,peeking in at me through the iron bars and giving me instructions to go ahead and submit my documents.Because of the ruckus that was created yesterday,the authorities had decided not to allow parents inside for the admission today but only the students.
Once again,we were steered into making a line,segregating ourselves according to our courses and then we were guided to different rooms.It was almost an hour of waiting in the classrooms decorated with green and magenta curtains,old wooden sitting desks and peeling-paint walls that finally two teachers arrived and thus,started the form distribution process.It took another hour for me to hear my roll number being called.I stood there in front of the lady,in her mid thirties,scanning my documents and re-calculating my board percentage to ensure my percentage met with the cut off requirements.By this time,the swarm of parents managed to locate the rooms where their kids,not kids anymore but all of them over 18,were seated.My dad came up to me and a  wave of relief washed over him to see the yellow form in my hand.Finally,after two days of struggle and waiting,we had got the golden egg.We went to the common open space in the heart of the college,found ourselves a table and chair where I could sit and complete my form.Little did I know it was just the beginning of the day long struggle.After filling up details as carefully as if drafting a cheque,my dad scanned through my form for one last time and off we set to get it submitted again.
The parents were once again stopped at the entrance of the building where the forms were being submitted.I went inside alone.The crowd was still bearable until I stood in the line for  form submission.Once a few more students joined,there was no end of pushing and shoving to get to the gate of the office.And the staff had locked the gate from inside after letting in a few students to get their admissions sorted first.I did not even realise when I reached the glass adorned metallic door.The momentum from behind was soo much and the space negligible.We all did not even have enough space to ensure that our hands and legs moved together with us.Being a girl,the surrounding guys did give a little way to me so that I could comfortably be stuck to the gate.Although it did not help much but it was aprreciable.After another long hour of shouting,fighting,shoving and abuses and electricity cut and unbearable humidity,finally the door opened to let another few inside.I managed to somehow not fall and headed straight into the office.
Four hours passed when finally my form was accepted and verified.I was drained of all energy.Yet the process was not complete.I came out to inform my dad that we might have to come the next day too for the fee payment.It sounded pretty unreasonable to travel 2 hours again to the college just for the fee payment.So we waited for another two hours before we managed to lay our hands on my fee slip.I was famished.Finally,with that fee slip we proceeded to the payment office.

At last,walking out of those rusted gates,with that tingly feeling of finally having a tag of being a student of Delhi University made the entire day’s struggle seem worth it all.A smile was there in my heart.And slowly it creeped up to my face when my dad patted me on my back to congratulate my on my victory.It was not just mine but my Papa’s dream that had been fulfilled in a way today.I was happy.He was happy.I called up my mom to inform her about the same.She was the happiest.


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  2. i have applied for du this year
    and now i can feel the happiness u had felt at the time u were accepted in the university

    p.s.i like your writing style , not only this blog but your fashion blog too!!
    keep writing! :)