Tuesday, 23 June 2015


I broke up two days back.And strangely,it does not even feel bad to let go.Strange!I had been in the relationship for the last 14 months and those 14 months got too much I guess.Anyway,I knew we were not compatible but somehow we were trying to stretch it.Thanks to the fight that got real ugly and gave me a reason to end it.
Umm..today I want to share a piece of my past that I have buried for long inside me.Actually,I was in love 3 years back.There was this guy who lived next to my house and we had been in a serious relationship for one and a half year until I discovered he had been cheating on me.I trusted him blindly.I was loyal like a dog.I loved him like a mother loved her child.He was my world.And just to clarify,it was no puppy love because,well because no it wasnt.I was a different person then.I am a different person now.My break up with him left me hollow.Nothing.No feelings.No pain.Nothing.Just a void.A void full of agony.Yet I learnt to keep strong.I used to cry till the time I was with him but the night I ended it,I cried like I had ever and promised myself never to again.And its strange to say but I dont cry anymore.I dont feel anymore.The other relationship I got into after him thinking I would get over him has only made me realise that I value that relationship I shared more than anything even today.And one apology from him and I might go back.Or maybe not.I do hate him.But then I love myself,the self I was when he was there.But of course,I will not go back.He cheated.He might do it again.No.I will not.I just want to snatch myself back.I wonder how?

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