Sunday, 7 June 2015

To go or not to go

Ting Ting Ting  :D
I am sooo happy.I got an email today that was a confirmation from Mumbai's,the city of dreams,and also India's one of the best institutes for management that I have cleared their entrance exam and I am eligible now to get enrolled into their institution.My dad was so happy.My mom could not control smiling.And my joy knew no bounds as I was least expecting to get selected because it was an extra ordinarily difficult exam.Yet,to know I cleared it made me feel like laugh and cry,altogether.
Dad booked mine and his flight tickets for Mumbai to confirm my admission and I would be flying on 11 June there.
In all this hustled excitement,another thing that has struck me hard is that I would have to stay alone and away from my parents who would be here in Delhi.I have never been alone and always been the most pampered child in my  entire lineage.I wake up in the morning,be it 9 AM or 12 PM,my lovely mom is always there to serve me my honey and lemon and my breakfast,first thing after I wake up.I have to care about nothing as mom manages everything.And for everything else,papa is there.They are superparents.And the thought of going away is a mixed one.On one hand,I would get to learn to become independent,self reliant and stuff but on the other hand I would not be able to come home,tired at the end of the day and have my bed already made up or my mom ready with the food I love.It's all a bit depressing and I am torn between choosing what to do.
I have my Delhi University's entrance exam as well on 14 and that pretty much would decide where I stay.I clear it and I stayback here,but if I don't,I will have to go to Narsee Monjee.Currently,I am very unsure about what I exactly want but I feel it's ok.I have the steering of my life in my hand and it's upto me right now to drive it to wherever I want.
So crossing my fingers and hoping that whatever happens would happen for the good,I am getting on to work hard for my entrace.
Buhh byee.Wish me luck.
Love.Live.Dream. <3

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