Monday, 29 June 2015

DU Encounters #day1

Not a single ray of sunlight penetrated through the grey clouds hovering above in the bluish-grey sky.Below,I arrived at the gate of Motilal Nehru College,south campus,Delhi university.An old,corroded iron gate stopping the swarm of students alongwith anxious parents trying to make their way inside greeted me.The guards of the college stood on one side guiding the admission seekers,pointing onto the sideboard near the college gate that had the cut-off list stuck on it.Dripping with the shower that had festooned Delhi a few hours back,I made my way to the noard to cross check the cut off for my course.Seeing the 92% as it is,sent a final wave of relief as till now,I wan very unsure if the cut off really was the one I had seen on internet.My dad came to me after wandering around for 10 minutes,searching for a parking space amidst the chaos.I showed my certificates and the guard allowed s to enter the college campus.
I stepped inside onto the grey cobblestone path that led the way to building I was supposed to go to.The campus was a lush green one with huge and by huge,I mean real huge and vast circular garden set in the middle of the entrance.On the left was the building for science and straight ahead lay my destination.For commerce.The longstanding grey walls of the college decisively gave the feeling that yes.Here I am.At Delhi University.Me and my dad made our way to the admissi on desk.The view inside was horrific.A complete mess.There were parents fighting,shouting to get their children’s forms submitted.The students stood back calmly while the parents struggled and fought among themselves as if only one seat was there and they had to fight for it.My dad looked down at me and laughed.Welcome to India’s number one university,my dad said.I was a little taken aback although I had been expecting that since DU is a govt. university so it would be chaotic.But this much!
I stood back while my father joined the army of parents and after much pushing and wriggling,I saw him struggle his way through the narrow iron gate into the administration office.After half an hour of waiting outside,looking around the estate that was soon going to be my abode,my papa came out smiling.
“Here you go.I got you a number.Now we will have to come tomorrow for the completion of administration process.”,with  that dad made his way to the administrative office,quite amused as well as frustrated at the same time owing to the mismanagement.
The office members there tried to pacify Papa by making all kinds of promises that don’t worry your daughter would get admission and this is all a part of college admission madness.You would have stories to tell your grandchildren about how you had struggled for admission etc.After expressing our discontent with the management,we went back,following the path back that had led us here.

I sat in the car,buckled my seatbelt with the thought of gearing up.Another day awaited before it can all settle down.

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