Friday, 19 June 2015


I know I have been gone too long but now I am back from the city of dreams that is Mumbai.What an exhausting trip it was.First of all,to remind you the purpose of my trip,I had to get admission in Narsee Monjee.And yes.I screwed up my Delhi University's BMS exam last Sunday.So,all hopes go down the dump.Anyways,so Mumbai has been discovered like never before this time by me.The last time I had gone there,all I had seen was vast,blue,beautiful ocean and skyline outlined by the skyscrapers.But this time,having travelled through the interiors of the city,my entire perception of Mumbai has changed.So much so that I am not even sure now if I want to go there and study.The roads are narrow,densely populated and traffic jams are a common scenario.The attenuated buildings reaching as high as the sky,covering either sides of the road,leave not a space for the sky to be seen from anywhere down on the earth.Also,due to lack of space and the salty,moisture filled air,the condition of houses is particularly unimpressive.
Delhi is in sharp contrast to Mumbai.Wide roads.Greenery everywhere.So much open space.Posh buildings.Its the type of world,my world in particular,where I have been living and grown up since the past 15 years.And I am only 18 now.So that very well explains my claustrophobic reaction to Mumbai.
I am really confused.What to do?Delhi or Mumbai?

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