Wednesday, 20 May 2015


So I have been off from the blog for quite a long time I guess.Well,I would sure apologise but the absence was unavoidable.I had my entrance tests showing up one after the other and I had been engrossed prepping up,learning,practising and cramming up all I could that would help me get into the college of my dreams.And now that they are over,I am back to working on what I want.
The past one month has felt like a strange experience.I have travelled through different emotions.Some were overwhelming while the other one's scared me.There were nights when I did nothing,felt nothing but numb yet cried to release the pain entrapped for reasons unknown.And also there were days sooo good,full of self discovery and introspection that now I am pretty much in a deep relationship with myself and my goals.
Over so many posts I haven't really very much clearly introduced myself yet but today I would love to do so.And to start with....
Hiee!I am an "official adult (according to Indian laws though i haven't yet been considered one by my beloved family)" discovering the weird and happy phases of life like any other 18 year old.I have been in a relationship for the last one year and I am yet not sure if it is love or not.There is a reason behind this too but let's save that story for some other time.My boyfriend loves me way too much and   I,no actually we have tried to separate our ways quite a few times in the past 2 months because of the conflicting opinions we share yet everytime we end up staying together and that is how it is.Anyways,I am full of energy and positivity.No problem seems big enough to me and even if it does I try to assure myself that it is fine to face problems once in a while and so I sail through it smiling as always.Now you may think I am trying to pose myself as a bit too much optimistic or something but that is who I am.I have been through that age of silly 15-16 wherein a breakup meant the end of my world but life taught me much more than that.It taught me to live rather than just survive.Smile and fight rather than cry and sit back.I love everything I have and I had.And I feel proud of myself when at times I look back at how nicely I had handled the situations without being depressed or ohh-soo-melodramatic.
And and and...yess!!!I am a dog lover.I just adore them.They are like the first love of my life.So anyday any of you plan to gift me anything,make sure it's a dog. :D
I guess this much is enough for now.See you all later through the screen.

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