Monday, 25 May 2015

Board Result

The highly anticipated and much awaited board results of CBSE for class 12th was finally released today.Boards,no matter how much we deny,is of immense importance in every indian student's life.
As soon as he news was aanounced that the results are going to published on 25 May 2015,a strange anxiety had taken over me.I had not slept properply the entire night yesterday and since morning today itself I had been up,checking again and again for the results
Everytime the CBSE site loaded,a chill ran down my spine.My heartbeat had started racing and anxiety took over.At the end of it all,boards matter way too much for shaping my future and so it scared me only more to realise that maybe My result would not be good enough.
My eyes were glued to the screen as my result loaded although I wished that it won't and atlast when that blue-yellow table loaded with my destiny and the fruit of my hardwork written on it,a feeling of disappointment washed over me.I had been expecting that I would get atleast 93%-95% but the marks displayed on the screen conveyed that I have an aggregate of 90.75
It is a bit disheartening but its ok now.What had to happen has happened.Now I am determined more than ever to make it my dream college through the entrance exam because if that does not happen chances are slim that I would live my dreams!So now,I am going to work harder than ever before and soon would convey to you all the best news of my life.
Wish me luck. :)

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